Access to sustainable jobs  

Wild Code School runs a network of centers in 11 French cities and 4 centers in other European countries, providing training – whether campus-based or distance learning -  to tech jobs such as web development, data analysis and/or product management related jobs. Thanks to an innovative and professionalizing teaching method, the courses enable 84% of the students to find a job or an internship  following the five-month training course.    

The "learning to learn" mantra is the cornerstone of the Wild Code School teaching method. At the end of their training, the students have acquired the tools and skills to continue to train themselves, to learn other technologies and new languages and thus ensure their employability over time. The training stresses the importance of collaborative working and is a preparation to team-working in business world.

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The Wild Code School training course enables people undergoing career retraining or shut out from employment to receive job training in sectors where there is a labor shortage. They also give them the opportunity to be stimulated by an innovative teaching method that enables them to learn how to learn and improve their employability over time.

Wild Code School

Adult training in web and mobile development with an excellent employability outcome.

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