First private equity fund in France to have supported an investment with a positive impact on society from both a social and environmental perspective.

Our funds finance companies whose products and services provide solutions to contemporary challenges, contributing to the transition towards a more inclusive society with greater social generosity, as well as being more sustainable from an environmental perspective.

People. Planet. Profit.

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"We wouldn't have come this far without them."
Guy, Murfy
A purpose that has remained intact since our inception

We were the first investment fund in France and Europe to use the term 'positive impact finance', reflecting our ambition to support only virtuous companies, giving back more to the community than they take, and fostering a happy and desirable society.

Combining the pursuit of positive impact and financial return

Proving that responsibility can coexist with profitability allows us to attract increasingly substantial financial flows towards sustainable business models, essential for preserving pleasant living conditions on Earth. We are dedicated to this cause, serving our subscribers and aiming to persuade a broader spectrum of decision-makers.

Shaping the model of a "third way" towards responsible capitalism

We have pioneered numerous other innovations, shaping the model for a third way towards responsible capitalism, including:
- focusing on a company's positive impacts both in terms of its operations and its management practices,
- combining the pursuit of positive social and environmental impact with an attractive financial return.

Making it mandatory for our holdings to conduct a carbon footprint assessment

This is the first step in a decarbonization approach. To our knowledge, we were the first French investor to impose this requirement.

Opening up equity to all employees

This allows for the sharing of value creation. To our knowledge, we were also the first French investor to demand this in the non-listed sector.

Organizing an annual progress review for all employees

The foundation of responsible management.

With these disruptive innovations in sustainable finance since 2007, we believe we have helped advance the practices of our profession.

Every day, we continue to exert our utmost efforts towards more responsible finance, in service of a more sustainable world.

Our impact



of Fund I's holdings are led by women

Vs. 12% of companies funded by private equity funds in France over the last 10 years led by women (BCG-Sista study, March 2022)

The best result in French private equity at the time, to our knowledge.



Millions of tons of CO2 saved.

By the portfolio companies since the inception of alter equity, which is more than 1% of France's annual emissions.

The best environmental impact result in French private equity in relation to the invested amounts, to our knowledge.


+ 50%

in 2023

weighted average revenue growth of Fund II's holdings based on invested amount.