The leading distributor of renewable energy equipment for individuals

NED Energie is a distributor of renewable energy solutions. Solar panels represent 80% of its turnover. The company also sells heat pumps, thermodynamic hot water tanks and derivated products (inverters, storage cabinets, etc.). Its products address professional installers throughout France. The key end-customers are private individuals (90% of their turnover) and small tertiary businesses (VSE, SME).

    NED at  the BePOSITIVE tradeshow


NED Energie contributes:

  • to the rollout of renewable energy generation equipments;
  • to develop self-consumption, which improve consumption patterns: switching-off equipments during periods of absence, launching of electrical household appliances during periods of daylight, etc.; and
  • to decentralised power generation, which avoids energy consumption throughout networks

NED Energie

Transferred in March 2022 to Téréva

Invested capital:
May 2016
Energy Transition