A smart, remote control system to improve user comfort and energy efficiency of buildings  

Eficia specializes in energy efficiency of buildings and facilities. The company offers customers an outsourced management service of their building installations, such as lighting system and HVAC system. The company enables customers to save 15% to 20% of their energy bills. Eficia conducts audits of building sites, identifies their potential energy saving capacities and installs communicating systems (sensors, controllers, automatons) in order to optimize and remotely control the settings of these installations. The company is developing its activities in Spain and Italy. It provides its customers with new tailor-made energy efficiency services for their facilities.


According to the statistical department of the French Ministry for Sustainable Development, in France, buildings account for 40% of the energy consumption and 20% of greenhouse gases emissions. By helping to reduce buildings energy consumption, Eficia enables its customers to limit their impact on climate change.


Building energy efficiency

Invested capital:
October 2015
Energy Efficiency