Repairing rather than throwing away

Murfy is the first startup to repair large household appliances (washing machines, ovens, fridges…) for individuals with the ambition of drastically reducing the amount of waste. To encourage French people to repair rather than buy a new appliance, Murfy offers 3 solutions to consumers :

• Free DIY videos on its website to repair on your own;

• the intervention of a professional technician at your home in less than 48h for a fixed price of 85€ (all included, no matter how many times the technician has to come);

• buying an appliance refurbished by Murfy if the old one cannot be repaired or if repairing it is too expensive (the 85€ package becomes a credit note).

Murfy's 5 cofounders


The repair of household appliances allows to extend their lifespan and thus to reduce their carbon footprint.

The longer a household appliance is used, the lower the carbon footprint related to its production and transport from the factory to the consumer is, compared to its lifespan.

Since it was created, Murfy has repaired 35 000 appliances and thus has saved 2,1 million of kgs of waste.


Appliances home repair and refurbishment company

Invested capital:
October 2020
Circular Economy