Responsible cosmetics for all

bo.ho green designs and manufactures high-quality cosmetics. They are natural, eco-designed and sold at prices among the lowest on the market so as to reach the objective of rendering organic cosmetics affordable to as many women as possible.

An ethical commitment throughout the value chain and for all stakeholders

bo.ho green is fully committed to a socially and environmentally responsible approach. Among other things, its packaging and display shelves are made from recycled cardboard and wood from sustainable forests. The company also does not over package and employs people with disabilities.


  • On the environment: by using organic and natural ingredients to manufacture its products, marketed without overpack, bo.ho green contributes to respecting the environment. The company is a member of the "one percent for the planet" organization, giving 1% of its turnover to NGOs that work to protect the environment;
  • On people: bo.ho green’s pricing policy enables it to democratize responsible beauty care. Furthermore, bo.ho green strives to elaborate high-quality formulas, which are not harmful to human health nor to the environment.


Bo.ho Green was sold in July 2019 to Léa Nature, a leader in the production of natural and organic products.

Bo.Ho green

Transferred in July 2019 to Léa Nature

Invested capital:
June 2014