Joyous Temporary work

Gojob is a leading French online platform for temporary staffing. The company facilitates return to employment by identifying and selecting candidates which fit the needs of the 2 000 SMEs and large corporations using the website. More than 100 000 people have completed a job through Gojob, most of them being young (54% are under 29) and many having little education (48% have not passed the French baccalauréat).

Gojob offers well-payed temporary jobs which include all social services (retirement contributions, unemployment indemnities &health insurance). The company also launched « Mon Cash », an app allowing workers to receive their salary as soon as after the first day worked.In 2019, Gojobers were on average paid an amount 40% higher than the SMIC (the French minimum salary).


Return to employment: 75% of Gojobbers were unemployed before joining the community. 75% of them stayed in the labour market after their first job completed. On average, Gojobbers have benefited from 10.2h of training paid by Gojob and have received remuneration 40% higher an the SMIC. The app developed by the company allows workers to be paid as soon as after the first day worked.


France's pioneering temp work digital marketplace

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January 2020