Combining passion for sports and academic success

Sports Etudes Academy (SEA) is the leader in flexible schedule private schooling in France. Every year, SEA offers sports students, or students with a passion for other disciplines (music, art, chess, etc.), in-class or distance education, from fourth grade to a 2-year university curriculum, within the framework of virtual classes (connected to the Internet via "e-school"). Thanks to an active teaching method together with support provided to children and small classes (approximately ten pupils), SEA enables children, who may be facing school failure, to continue a high-quality general education up to graduate level. SEA’ s business is built around 3 main activities:

  • Education of top-level athletes: students whose sporting careers are handled by professional clubs and sports federations, such as the French Football Federation, the French Tennis Federation, the French Figure Skating Federation, the French Judo Federation, etc.;
  • Sport-study school network: education, boarding school and intensive sports coaching, particularly in football, basketball, tennis, golf and horse riding; or even other practices than sports
  • Business school: students are allowed to live their passion for sports while learning about management and business.


SEA facilitates vocational rehabilitation of children  whose sporting level does not allow for a professional sports career. SEA leads its students to a more enlightened personal life thanks to a broad general  education (literature, history, geography, etc. and the ability to learn).  

Its educational system is anchored in sport values and enables pupils to integrate such values for the benefit of society:

  • compliance with the rules and respect for others - including diversity - and punctuality;
  • concentration, ambition, strategy, endurance, humility  

SEA uses sport (or other passions) as driver for success, especially through the children’s pleasure in living their passion, as well as the self-confidence, balance and physical fitness it procures.


Tailor-made school education for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Invested capital:
January 2017