Investment principles

Committed to a more responsible and profitable economy

Companies whose activity contributes to resolving environmental challenges

Energy efficiency and transition, circular economy, recycling, air, water and soil quality, green chemistry, organic products, biodiversity, etc.

… or social challenges…

Education, training, employability, culture, services to vulnerable people, health, well-being, organic products, fair-trade, etc.

… and commit to an ESG business plan

Action plan to promote more responsible social, environmental and governance practices

Revenue above €800k

European companies

Strong profitable growth potential
Ambitious ventures

€3m - €10m

Minority or majority stakes
from €3m to €10m




of Fund I's holdings are led by women

Vs. 12% des entreprises financées par des fonds de capital-investissement en France depuis 10 ans dirigées par des femmes (étudeBCG- Sista, mars 2022)

The best result in French private equity at the time, to our knowledge.


Millions of tons of CO2 saved

By the portfolio companies since the inception of alter equity, compared to the annual emission of 404 million tons of CO2 in France.

The best environmental impact result in French private equity in relation to the invested amounts, to our knowledge

+ 50%

in 2023

Weighted average revenue growth of Fund II's holdings based on invested amount


These companies are the ones changing the world


Eco-friendly and performance-driven clothing and accessories for running, strength training, and yoga

Impact : sustainable fashion.


A platform dedicated to the well-being and mental health of employees in the workplace

Impact: - enhancement of user well-being - destigmatization of a public issue related to mental health


Easy to install photovoltaic panel kits for households​

Impact: energy transition​

Renewable Energy


Rental solution for company bicycles

Impact: developing soft mobility

Soft mobility


Innovative solutions for forward-looking employment and skills management

Impact: - enabling the professional development of employees by taking into account both their skills and their aspirations​ - improving employees employability​ - preserving employment​

Human resources


Software for manufacturers, facilitating the management of rail freight in order to increase its use‍

Impact: energy transition

Sustainable transport


Installation of solar panels on corporate buildings

Impact: Energy transition​

Renewable Energy


Marketplace for vintage clothing and fashion accessories

Impact: recycling / circular economy 

Circular economy


Crowdfunding platform dedicated to the agricultural, food and energy transitions

Impact: financing of projects in sustainable farming​, food and ​renewable energy

Sustainable agriculture


Repair of large household appliances at home and in the workshop, for second-hand resale

Impact: - reducing the carbon footprint of household appliances by extending their lifespan​ - training technicians

Circular Economy


Digital temporary work platform

Impact: enabling unemployed people, often young and with few qualifications, to find a job and keep it



French leader in the digital sale of environmentally friendly bedding and furnishing products, notably including organic latex mattresses

Impact: - combating the presence of harmful substances in consumer goods, including endocrine disruptors and volatile organic compounds​ - developing sustainable and responsible supply chains

Responsible consumer goods

Les Ripeurs

Collection, sorting and recovery of construction waste

Impact: - improving the collection and recycling of construction waste​ - avoiding illegal dumping

Building Industry


Distribution of 100% renewable electricity and gas

Impact: energy transition


Ikigai Education

French leader in private schooling​ with adapted schedules

Impact: reconciling passion for sport and studies



Eco-flying software enabling aircrafts to save up to 5% on fuel

Impact: energy efficiency in air transport​

Energy Efficiency

Green Creative

Depackaging machine to extract the organic part of biowaste from its packaging without plastic residue

Impact: recovery of biowaste without soil pollution

Waste recycling


Water fountains connected to the network producing water of perfect bacteriological quality comparable to that of bottled water

Impact: - reducing bottled water consumption​ - improving hydration in nursing homes and hospitals


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