Investment principles

Committed to a more responsible and profitable economy

Companies whose activity contributes to resolving environmental challenges

Energy efficiency and transition, circular economy, recycling, air, water and soil quality, green chemistry, organic products, biodiversity, etc.

… or social challenges…

Education, training, employability, culture, services to vulnerable people, health, well-being, organic products, fair-trade, etc.

… and commit to an ESG business plan

Action plan to promote more responsible social, environmental and governance practices

Revenue above €800k

Strong profitable growth potential

Alter Equity partners with ambitious entrepreneurs, anchored in strong values to scale up their business

€1m - €30m

Minority or majority stakes
from €1m to €30m


38 %
Annual Revenue Growth*
1,600,000 tons
of CO2 saved**
*average annual revenue growth of portfolio companies' since year of investment, weighted by the amount invested in each company
**by portfolio companies since investment


These companies are the ones changing the world


France's pioneering temp work digital marketplace

Available exclusively on Smartphone and the Internet, Gojob connects and contracts work services via a Temporary Employment Contract. More than 100,000 workers and 2,000 SMEs and large groups are users of Gojob.



Bedding that respects nature and people

Kipli is the first responsible bedding brand with a flagship product: the Kipli mattress, made of 100% natural latex and free of problematic chemicals. The company has set up a certified supply chain in order to offer exemplary products, both environmentally and socially.

Responsible consumer goods

Les Ripeurs

Collection and recovery of construction site waste

The Parisian start-up allows any craftsman or site manager, whatever his constraints, to have access to a service of removal, sorting and recycling of his waste, at a competitive price and in less than 3 hours.



100% renewable and french energy retailer

Recognized by the environmental NGO Greenpeace and by the French Environment & Energy Management Agency for its strong commitment for the energy transition, ilek is currently one of the only 3 french energy retailers sourcing exclusively from green producers (wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, solar panels and biogas farms).


NED Energie

Distribution of renewable energy equipment.

Solar panels, micro inverters, electrical panels, integration kits, heat pumps: the company provides its customers with renewable energy production solutions. NED brings real added value to its primary function as an equipment supplier by offering a complete range of services.


Nino Robotics

Mobility solutions for people with mobility difficulties.

Nino Robotics is committed to meeting the urban mobility needs of people in wheelchairs without forcing them to use a range of stigmatising medical products. "The design of a beautiful and original wheelchair creates self-esteem for its user. Self-esteem leads to higher morale. And a better morale has a positive effect on the person's overall health," explains Pierre Berdina, its founder.



Tailor-made school education for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The company provides a teaching model customized for young sports enthusiasts. Its model is based on good care and high standards, to foster children's development. A model based on individualized and constant support. Today, as a privileged school partner of sports training structures (French Tennis Federation, Figure Skating Federation, Judo, among others), SEA places academic success, sporting success and the child's personal development at the heart of its mission.


Magic Makers

French pioneer in teaching children how to code.

The company gives children aged 6 to 15 the opportunity to come to grips with digital technology through innovative and fun teaching courses, inspired by the work of the MIT and Harvard. "Learning to code is a great educational opportunity, because digital technology is revolutionizing daily life today," says founder Claude Terosier.


Open Airlines

Software solutions for aircraft fuel efficiency.

This Toulouse-based clean-tech company, winner of the international Cleantech Open competition in Los Angeles in January 2018, has developed the best aircraft eco-piloting software. The software enables airlines to recommend best practices to their pilots to reduce kerosene consumption, hence CO2 emissions. The result: a fuel reduction of 2 to 5%.


Wild Code School

Adult training in web and mobile development with an excellent employability outcome.

Conducted over 5 months by professionals, this intensive training courses targets jobseekers and employees undergoing a career change, even if they do not have a diploma. "Our goal is to train Web and mobile developers while teaching them to adapt to the rapid evolution of these technologies," explains President Anna Stépanoff. "This training has enabled 87% of the students to find a job within six months after the course."


Green Creative

Expert in de-packing of bio-waste.

Their first machine, Flexidry, separates organic waste from its packaging. The separated organic substrate is of interest to farmers, anaerobic digestion plants and waste management companies. "We guarantee our customers less than 0.5% impurities," explains Lucile Noury, the CEO.



Behring is the reference in comfort, safe and eco-responsible hydration.

The company's innovation is based on three patents guaranteeing a pure, bacteria-free water. It eliminates clusters of bacteria that proliferate in stagnant waters. The system is instrumental in places where "hydration is essential and the precautionary principle is fully applied. Especially for the elderly. ", explains Grégoire Génot, the company's president.


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