Preserving the oceans while feeding humanity

Innovafeed produces a flour made from insects larvae, which replaces wild fish flour in pisciculture. Indeed, farmed fish are currently fed with aggregates, 30% of which are made up of animal protein - wild fish flour- and 70% of vegetal flour. Considering the decline in fish stocks (which are now 10% of what they were a century ago), this substitution allows Innovafeed to offer a healthy and sustainable feed.

The activity has recently been developed thanks to regulatory changes: in 2017, the European Union granted permission to feed farmed fish with insects.

The first Innovafeed factory (in Gouzeaucourt, Hauts-de-France)


  • Preserving biodiversity: enables the feeding of farmed fishes while preventing the predation of wild fishes;
  • Protecting public health: wild fishes contain pollutants which are metabolized by farmed fishes fed with wild fishes flour (PCBs, dioxins and heavy metals, includingarsenic and mercury. People who eat these farmed fishes are thus also contaminated. Insect flour does not contain these pollutants and prevents human metabolization.


We divested our stake in the company in November 2018 in the context of the funding round led by Temasek - Singapore sovereing wealth fund - and Creadev.


Transferred in November 2018 to Temasek and Creadev

Invested capital:
December 2017