The chair that enhances its user

The company created a new generation of electric wheelchairs named Nino. The Nino wheelchair uses self-balancing technology and is differentiated by its futuristic design and a lower price. In particular, thanks to its light weight and small size, Nino makes urban mobility easier. Initially designed for people with disabilities, it is also marketed for non-disabled people with mobility difficulties (elderly, cardiac-related difficulty, breathing difficulty, multiple sclerosis, etc.).

Still aiming at providing mobility solutions, but focusing on manual wheelchairs, the company brought to market a second innovation, the One, in the form of a motorized wheel. The One can be attached using an anchor rod to most of the manual wheelchairs on the market.


The Nino Chair


The Nino wheelchair facilitates the mobility of disabled people and people who seek mobility assistance. Its very modern design helps changing the social attitude to wheelchair users.

Nino Robotics

Mobility solutions for people with mobility difficulties.

Invested capital:
July 2016