We create shared value for all stakeholders of our investments

Our companies

By delivering an active support in strategy, operations, sales and CSR strategy toward a strong, profitable and sustainable growth.

The employess

Our companies create jobs and are very careful about the motivation, the personal development and the recognition of their teams.

The clients and the vendors

Our companies enroll in an ethical process toward their clients as well as their vendors and contribute to the development of business responsibility principles along the value chain.

The planet

We only have one planet, there is no plan B.
We must foster solutions to preserve the long term future of natural resources, biodiversity and environment.

The communities

Our companies are deeply rooted in their urban or rural territories and play their role within the community.

Our investors

By the remuneration of their financial risk.


Jobs created*
66 %
Annual Revenue Growth**
330 000 tons
of CO2 saved***
* by portfolio companies since
Alter Equity’s initial investment
**Average annual portfolio companies’ turnover growth since year preceding investment,weighted by the  amount invested in eachcompany.
***by the companies across
our entire portfolio in 2017